Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - “Same Love ft. Mary Lambert”

Last November, I had the absolute privilege of meeting Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. They were having a meet-and-greet at Nice Kicks in Austin, Texas, which was conveniently only a couple of blocks or so away from my dormitory. I hurried there with my friends, and we got to chat with the two talented Seattle-based musicians. Macklemore was and remains a very articulate human being who is deeply invested in social issues. His songs touch upon various themes. Everything from dancing like a fool to consumerism is addressed. I’m glad that he’s gaining so much popularity within the past year. I wonder if he remembers the tiny girl dressed in grey and black who tried really hard not to get crushed in the front row at Emo’s. He’s off touring and doing amazing things now. It’s always wonderful to see growth in musicians, and Macklemore is no exception.

MacklemoreMacklemore & Ryan LewisRyan LewisSame LoveThe HeistAnnebut really I almost got crushed and it was awesomeI think I got sweat on me as well

October 6, 2012